Fruit Bouquets

Edible Fruit Bouquets

We are proud to construct our gorgeous fruit arrangements with the freshest, hand-picked fruit on the market. Each edible fruit bouquet is designed and crafted in-house, locally in Colorado Springs.

Give A Fruit Bouquet That's Fresh Surprising Thoughtful Delicious Special

Your Local Dessert Destination | Newbury Berries

Newbury Berries is proud to be locally-owned and operated in Colorado Springs. From every strawberry we pick to every drizzle of chocolate we decorate with, we do it all with immense attention to detail and quality. We believe that taking the time to send a gift to  someone you care about is the perfect way to make their day, so we spend our days putting in the hard work to ensure your gift takes the cake. Connect with us if you would like to work together to create a special order or if you have any questions.