The Sweetest New Wedding Trend: Dessert Bars

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Dessert bars are the newest addition to the wedding game and your local Newbury Berries dessert experts could not be more excited. Let’s face it- not everyone likes cake. There’s no reason a cake should stand alone, either. Why not get a wider range of flavors and the chance to make your wedding even more unique?

While it could be said joining in on a trend is inherently non-unique, dessert bars don’t follow this rule. They take the cake for wedding customization because of how much you can do with them. From the kinds of sweet treats you put in your spread to the colors you can coordinate -it can fulfill your dreams of a wedding day filled with that extra touch of magic.

As a wedding dessert caterer in Colorado Springs, there is nothing we love more than staying on top of delicious wedding trends to make your special day something we can be apart of. We provide unique products such as bride and groom strawberries, chocolate covered marshmallows, elegant fruit bouquets, and more!. Newbury Berries is the best choice to stay local, affordable, and personally catered to for all your sweet needs.

Things to Consider When Designing Your Dessert Spread

An excellent perk of a wedding dessert table is its ability to give the impression of a more complete, filled space. A chance to add to the ambience you want for the day, no matter your budget.Dessert tables can create an air of decadence or even light-heartedness for your guests depending on how you set it up, and you obviously want all of the pieces of your wedding fit accordingly, so a dessert table will be no different. In this case, questions to ask to help you start creating the perfect dessert bar are:

  • What kind of desserts would match the mood?
  • What kind of desserts would compliment the color scheme?
  • Do I want the desserts to be paired with a centerpiece? 
  • What treats will the guests be most likely to enjoy?
  • How can mine and my partner’s favorite desserts be incorporated? 

Dessert Bar Ideas

There is always placement, cutlery pairings, and surrounding decor to consider as well. But the part guests will be most excited to take part in is the tasty treats themselves. Let’s take a deeper look into what certain sweets can do for your dessert bar.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

First, chocolate covered strawberries belong in any occasion because the great thing about these goodies are their versatility. They’re a great finger food, they’re stackable, and the decorating possibilities are endless. Want something fun with stripes, polka dots, or even some sparkle? Strawberries can do that, and easily. Want the fruit to serve as adorable groom and bride cake toppers? They can do that too, suit, dress, and all! The best part is you can eat them in the end. 

Unique Chocolate Covered Desserts

What about a sweet that is sure to bring some personality? This can be easily accomplished with chocolate covered Oreos, pretzels, marshmallows, or even Twinkies! A combination of any of those will leave you with something exciting and playful for your guests to take part in.

Fruit Arrangements

A classic assortment of various types of fruits is a nice way to add a lot of color, and a lot of options for guests to choose from to fulfill their sweet tooths (or picky habits)! It’s easy to provide a large amount without losing out on wedding elegance and delectability of a dessert.

Join the Trend with Newbury Berries 

There is plenty to consider when creating your own dessert vision for the big day, and an array of treats will quite literally bring a lot to the table for you and your guests to have fun with. Find what inspires you when it comes to desserts, because there are no rules to satisfying a sweet tooth. Ask for a quote from Newbury Berries to cater your wedding and make any of these possibilities come to life!

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